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Private Transformational Hypnocoaching with Hope Eaton

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Thank you so much in your interest in working with me to radically change your life, your leadership, your career and your relationships. I believe that rapport, trust, respect and honesty are crucial to success in this transformational hypnotherapy relationship. As such, I only work with women in this intensive programme if I feel that we are a good fit, and I only take on a maximum of 6 women at a time. If I do not think that I can help you, I have a large network of trusted women to whom I can refer you. So, I invite you to fill out the application form below and take the first step in re-writing your life.

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The minimum investment for working privately with me for three months is £4,500. How much are you willing to invest in your transformational hypnocoaching with me to radically transform your life, your work, your leadership, and your relationships and step into an authentic, abundant life you love? *